Here are some popular floor plans and our new Budget line-up. 
 However, for more plans and info on their manufacturers go to LINKS,ETC.
We take pride in our wide selection of quality homes. All of the homes we offer are from trusted manufactures. See separate manufacturers on Links Etc, 

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These floor plans have been great for the large or multiple family buyers. They have been some of my customers favorites for that transitional time of the growing family.  Also the answer for the elderly suite, etc. 
Pine Grove offers these two favorite floor plans for that large or growing families. 

After much thought, we have decided to offer a PRICE BUSTER line. This line has be chosen to meet the needs of starter home clients, senior citizens on a limited income or where a low price point needs to be met. 

In order to meet the above needs, these homes are basic and do not include a drywall package. They are built with a 3-12 roof pitch and skirting instead of a block surround. However, a client may do different upgrades if they choose. The homes do include central air, skirting as mentioned before and two sets of steps.    Below is the list.
Call or visit to get floor plans and additional info about our Budget Line.  Need something larger, we have that too.  Let us help you find a home that fits your family needs as well as your budget!