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What is the difference between a Manufactured or Modular home?

Manufactured homes are constructed using HUD code (Housing Urban Developement). They are constructed on a steel frame and a non weight bearing block surround is placed AFTER the completion of the set.

Modular is the same building code as that of a stick built home but built in the factory and transported to the land in modules. It has a wood frame and is set on a pre installed weight bearing foundation. A small crane is used to lift the home over and above the foundation.

What is the difference between a trailer and the home now called a manufactured home.

Before 2000 these homes were built and called trailers.

Worst of all there were no guidelines, consistancy or supervision. Every county or state answered to no one throughout the United States. Thus, necessity became the mother of invention and therefore Housing Urban Development was created. This introduced

a consistent building code to be used throughout the whole United States.

As of 2000 trailers were no longer built.

Then in 2006 President Clinton got involved in the upgrading the building materials and insulation, etc. This was called the Home Improvement Act.

Why choose a factory built home over a stick built on site.

It prevents vandalism, theft, damages from weather and

consistency. When a home is built in a factory and brought down an assembly line each area is completed by an individual that does that same thing every day over and over per homeand is proficient in their skill. These homes can be completed in 50% of the stick built. Any home that can withstand being transported down a highway at speeds of 50-70 MPH is well built home.

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